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About US

Janani Publications

Our project is an online shopping site.www.booksbhandara.com is functioned by JananiPublications , a publishing firm based in Bangalore. Recent, the internet boom, has become a hot topic of emerging business patterns have shine, we are of e-commerce web shopping site and selling various categories of books.Site content for online book system that allows ordinary users to conveniently at home, use the Internet features, easy to find books you want. Ourwebsite is not confined to best-selling book, even if the physical channel has shelves of books, but also sales space. Many office workers do not have time to buy books through online bookstores to save time not only costs, but also through accurate bibliographic management, to find books on derivatives, which is when the person to physical bookstores, never fun and experience. Our website consist of kannadabooks of famous authors, Kannada Novels, Personality development, Competitivebooks in kannada. We are emphasising on kannada books more

Our mission is to provide quality but affordable books for education, entertainment, self-development and self-fulfillment; to all when the need arises by:

  • Providing a wide range of books to satisfy our clients
  • Exceeding our customers’ expectation in their book requirements
  • Making our books accessible in the market. 
  • Acting as agents for both customers and publishers and working for their interest; enriching our client’s life in their quest for educational and entertaining books and advancing the cause of our publishers.

We are passionate about the written word and seek to share our love of reading to help create and sustain a community of lifelong readers.

Our mission

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